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We are a privately-owned company with capabilities in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings, installing insulated panels, constructing self-storage units, retro-fitting metal roof systems, and making alterations and additions to metal buildings.
We also provide maintenance and repairs on all metal buildings, full-service roof repairs, inspections, general building upkeep and repair, interior metal framing, and other services to keep your existing building working optimally. All of our services are fully insured.

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Based on need, our building’s packages are engineered for their location and end-use.
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Custom Size

We build Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)

PEMB is becoming a preferred selection for numerous organizations that must comply with strict design rules. HT Builders can craft and produce an entirely customized metal construction that is tailored to your individual requirements, great for various industrial, agricultural, commercial, retail, and office applications.

In addition to being so adaptive and adjustable, PEMB and metal constructions provide advantages concerning cost and timeline for a lot of initiatives. Incorporating pre-fabricated metal constructions into a design-build project contributes to a speedy timeline and increases the project cost control process.


We build with the best brands on the market

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